MBT Masai Walking Shoes
help you use correct Posture

MBT Masai walking shoes have a rocker bottom. MBT means Masai Barefoot Technology. The rocker bottom design helps you to use a correct upright posture.

Research has shown that MBT shoes help reduce lower back strain and reduce strain on knees and joints.

They also exercise a large number of muscles while you are walking or standing. This tones your leg and buttock muscles.

The patented sole technology creates a soft surface that mimics the feeling of walking barefoot on sand or springy moss.

The MBT Masai Barefoot Technology was invented by Swiss engineer Karl Mueller. The technology was introduced in 1996 and is now available in over 20 countries.

A large selection of styles for men and women is available. Regular price range is about $120-275. Sales prices can be much lower.

The MBT Bia Black shoe is an elegant looking model that is made with premium materials. The upper is full grain leather. Regular price is about $265.

The Kimondo M" model has a list price of $245. It is a sporty looking shoe. The upper and lining material is synthetic mesh.

The Tariki Lace Up Oxford shoe costs about $130-150. The upper is genuine suede leather and the outsole is made of durable rubber.

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