A Mini Stair Stepper
is ideal for Home Exercise

A mini stair stepper is a convenient and an efficient piece of home exercise equipment. It is easy to store. It is portable and can therefore be used anywhere.

The Spartan Sports Mini Stepper costs about $45.
It strengthens and tones your lower body muscles. The operation is smooth and quiet. It takes little room and is easy to store.
The resistance can be controlled with a dial.
The monitor displays time, speed, distance and calories burned. Weight capacity is 250 lbs.

The Stamina Electronic Mini Stepper has a sturdy steel construction and a small compact design. It displays time, distance and has shock resistance. Price is about $85.

The Stamina SpaceMate is a folding stepper that costs about $140. It has handlebars and a battery operated monitor. The monitor shows steps per minute, total number of steps, time and calories.

The Lateral Thigh Trainer uses a motion that is similar to skating. You can move your legs in, out, up and down at the same time. You can lose weight and tone your muscles. It has 7 resistance levels and a compact design. Price is about $100.

Mini stair steppers are designed for the casual exerciser. Most have no handlebars and have a fixed intensity level. Quality is usually low.

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