Polar Heart Rate Monitors
improve your Performance

Polar heart rate monitors have been helping people improve their performance and enjoy a healthier lifestyle since 1977. With a Polar heart rate monitor you can be sure you are not over or under training. All monitors have features that tell you how much, how often and how hard to train.

The Polar OwnZone is a feature that guides your warm up and automatically determines safe intensity zones for you. Training in the right heart rate zones is important for improving your fitness.

Popular are the Polar F models for aerobic exercises. The Polar F11 costs about $150-170. It features the Keeps UFit workout program that can be programmed to your personal goals. The OwnCal feature provides data of your calories consumed. The OwnZone feature keeps you in your target zone. The monitor uses electrodes to detect your heart rate and eliminates interference from other monitors.

The Polar F4 is a model for women. It provides data to keep you in your target zone, including calories consumed in your exercise. Price is about $90.

The Polar FA20 monitor watch is intended for people who want to improve their health and fitness. It displays calories burned, distance covered, active steps and duration of your activity. Regular price is about $120.

The FT60 model features the Star Training program that tells you how much and how intensively to train. It sets weekly training targets based on your goals and then provides feedback. Included is a FT60 training computer, WearLink+transmitter and a manual. Regular price is about $220.

The CS300 is suited for fitness cyclists. It can be worn on the wrist or on the bike mount. It comes with a Polar CS300 cycling computer, WearLink+transmitter, CS speed sensor, universal bike mount and a manual. The monitor measures heart rate combined with current, average and maximum speed. Regular price is about $200.

The RS400 helps endurance athletes and runners. It has advanced features that measure detailed information about your training performance. The Package includes a RS400 training computer, WearLink+transmitter, Polar Pro Trainer 5 software CD and a manual. Regular price is about $270.

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