Eco friendly
Prana Yoga Mats

Various types of eco friendly Prana Yoga mats are available. Price range is about $40-70.

The E.C.O. Yoga mat comes in several colors. It is made from eco friendly materials. The two toned, patterned surface offers good cushioning. It is 72" long and 26" wide. Price is about $45.

The Travel mat is lightweight and conforms to any size duffel or luggage bag. Size is 72" x 26". It has a two sided textured surface. Price is about $40.

The Natural Yoga mat costs about $70. It is constructed with three natural rubber layers that are heat laminated. Size is 78" and 26".

The Rachana Yoga mat bag costs about $50. It is made from cotton with floral embroidery. The top closure makes it easy to put a yoga mat inside.

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