Running Magazines
can help improve your Running

Running magazines provide a calendar of events and running news. They also provide information on training, equipment and running gear. Many informative articles are given on training techniques and advice for preventing injury. Some of the popular magazines are:

1. Runner's World
Subscription rates are about $21 for 12 issues and $37 for 24 issues.

2. Running Times
One year subscription is about $20-25 and a two year subscription is $40.

3. Peak Running Performance Magazine
Price is about $45 for six issues. One issue is published every two months.

4. Trail Runner
Provides information on off road events. Six issues per year cost about $20. A two year subscription is about $30.

5. Kids
Provides information on finding a track and field club for children.
It lists information on how to set up after school programs. Advice is given to help children develop physical exercise and healthy eating.

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