Running Tips to make
your Running more enjoyable

To enjoy your running and help prevent injuries, consider these basic running tips:

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Use shock absorbing, stable shoes and comfortable clothes. After about 400 miles consider replacing the shoes, because most of the shock absorbing features will have been lost.
  • Run in a safe area.
  • Set up a running program that includes a warm up and cool down period.
  • It is best to run in the early morning or early evening, but avoid running at night. If you do run at night, use reflective material.

  • Drink plenty of fluid. If you run more than 20 minutes, it might be a good idea to have a water bottle with you.
  • Run with a friend. If you run alone, carry a cell phone and identification with you. Have a whistle you can use in an emergency.
  • Run on a smooth surface.
  • If you run on sunny days, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses.
  • Don't try to copy top athletes. These athletes have practiced and have been running for a long time.

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