Shoe Insoles
can protect your Feet

Shoe insoles can protect your feet and joints from impact of shock. They can reduce knee and lower back pain. Better quality inserts help your feet stay cool and dry.

Insoles come in many styles and sizes. Price range is about $15-65 for a pair. You can choose insoles for flat arches, normal and high arches. Most insoles can be placed on top of the existing insoles. Usually you would buy shoes 1 or 2 sizes larger.

Some types should be placed on the bottom of your shoes or sandals. To get the correct fit, place the original insole that came with the shoes over the new insole. With a marking pen, trace the original pattern on the new insole. Then trim to get a good fit.

Some of the best insoles:

1. Powerstep Original full length insoles cost about $25 for a pair. They help relieve heel and arch pain. They support your arch and cushion your steps.

2. FootSmart ProTech 3/4 length orthotics cost about $20-25 a pair. Fabric covered foam provides cushion and shock protection.

3. Spenco RX arch cushion 3/4 length models cost about $20. The arch cushion supports your arch and the nylon sockliner reduces friction.

4. Barefoot Science arch activation 3/4 length insoles are designed to rehabilitate weak foot muscles and arches. Price is about $50.

5. New Balance pressure relief full length insoles cost about $35. They reduce friction and keep your feet blister free.

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