Smooth Elliptical Machines

Smooth elliptical machines are well built and the warranty is better than average. The machines provide a sturdy, stable and smooth performance.

Smooth Fitness was established in 1984. It recognized the popularity of the Internet and became the first retailer to begin selling online in 1996. The Smooth brand has become the most recognized brand of fitness equipment on the Internet.

Delivery is free to the front of your home. Delivery to your room, unpacking and installation is available.

Smooth Agile DMT is a new exercise machine that provides cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning at the same workout. It is an elliptical trainer with many features. It has a 19-24" stride length and an electromagnetic braking system. Other features include 20 intensity levels, 13 programs and a heart rate support. The machine has an adjustable motion control that allows you to work different muscle groups. Price is about $2100-2600.

The Smooth Agile DMT X2 elliptical features an adjustable motion control that allows you to work different muscle groups. The stride length is 18-21". It features an iPod station and a MP3 connection with speakers. Price is about $1900-2200.

Other features include:
1. Twelve motion and 16 intensity levels allow a variety of challenging workouts.
2. Heart rate is controlled with a wireless chest strap and built in sensors in the handlebars. Select your desired maximum heart rate level and the heart rate control automatically adjusts the intensity level. The sensors in the handlebars can be used without the chest strap.
3. The back light LCD display shows workout statistics.
4. 15 workout programs let you create your workout programs at a level you desire.
6. A fan with 3 speeds helps you stay cool and comfortable.
7. Transport wheels make it easy to move the elliptical.

The Smooth CE 8.0LC elliptical has a 21" stride length and a magnetic braking system. Other features include 16 intensity levels, 15 preset programs, heart rate control and a blue backlit LCD display. Price is about $1600-1900.

The Smooth CE 3.0XT elliptical is a space saving machine that is easy to move. The 17-20" stride length is easy to increase or decrease. It has 24 intensity levels, 19 programs and a magnetic resistance. Price is about $900-1300.

The CE 3.6 trainer costs about $1300-1600. It has an 18" stride length and an electromagnetic braking system. The moving handlebars provide a good upper body workout. Other features include a provision to use your iPod, 16 intensity levels, 10 programs, heart rate support and a backlit LCD display.

The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical provides an excellent cardiovascular workout without putting much pressure on joints. The machine has an easy glide and a quiet operation. It has a 21" stride length and an audio system. Retail price is about $3300, but the sales price can be as low as $1400-1800.

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