Sole Treadmills
are high Quality Machines

Sole treadmills feature only the finest components. They have the quality and feel that will ensure a great performance.

Sole folding treadmills are preferred and used by hotels nationwide. They have received great ratings from the Treadmill Doctor.

Sole treadmills use quality components and are built to perform. This is reflected in the lifetime motor warranty for most models and lifetime warranty for the deck and frame.

Model F65 costs about $1,200.
It has a 2 HP motor, a large belt and a heart rate control with a wireless chest strap.
It has several built in programs, cooling fans and a user capacity of 285 lbs.

F80 Treadmill has been reviewed as one of the best in its price range.
Price is about $1,500.
The motor has 2.5 HP and the belt is large and strong.
It has a heart rate control with a wireless chest strap, a weight capacity of 300 lbs and cooling fans. Included are several built in programs.

F63 Treadmill features a powerful 3.0 HP motor and 20" x 60" running deck. The 6.5" LCD display operates with the included wireless chest strap. The display shows your workout statistics, which include speed, incline, distance traveled, calories and pulse. The console has a provision to connect your iPod or MP3 player. Price is about $1000.

F85 Treadmill is Sole's number one seller. It is also rated as a Best Buy.
Price is about $2000.
It has a large motor and a large, strong belt.
Included are cooling fans and a heart rate control with a wireless chest strap. It has various built in programs.

S73 model is similar to the F83 folding treadmill. Price is about $1,700.
It has a strong 3.75 HP motor and a large 22' x 60" running surface. A heart rate control with a wireless chest strap, 2 cooling fans and built in programs are included.

The S77 has the same features as the S73 with a more powerful 4.0 HP motor. It has a comfortable 22" wide running surface and a 9" LCD display. When in the heart rate training mode, the treadmill automatically makes adjustments to the incline to keep you in your target heart rate zone. Price is about $1900.

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