Spira Running Shoes
provide Cushion

Spira running shoes use the Wave Spring Technology that stores and returns energy with every step. Spira footwear not only cushions, but returns energy. The Spira company claims to reduce peak impact forces by about 20%. This stress reduction can reduce injury and increase performance.

The WaveSpring does not breakdown. It provides cushioning throughout the life of the shoe while reducing shock and fatigue.

Shoes are provided for running, walking and work. Several styles for men and women are available. Price range for running shoes is about $50-180.

The Spira Striker model for men costs about $180. It offers the new Spider Cage technology that allows for a secure fit and comfortable support. Upper mesh material provides breathability and comfort. The outsole is made of strong rubber to insure durability.

The women's Genesis model costs about $135-145. The Wave Spring technology features one spring in the heel and two springs in the forefoot. The mesh upper helps you stay comfortable.

The Del Sol Cushion running shoe costs about $70-95. It is a light and compact model that provides excellent cushioning.

The men's WaveWalker costs about $90. It has two Wave Springs in the forefoot and one Wave Spring in the heel. The shoe has a leather upper and a slip resistant sole. It is perfect for walking and for standing long periods of time.

The men's Classic Leather EZ Strap is a cushioned walking shoe. Price is about $100.
The adjustable EZ srap eliminates the need to tie shoe laces. It has a full grain leather upper and a Wave Spring in the forefoot and in the heel.

The women's Classic Leather walking shoe costs about $145. It is a neutral, cushioned style with a lace up closure. The upper is full grain leather and the rubber outsole is slip resistant.

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