Thorlo Walking Socks
protect your Feet

Thorlo socks are made specifically for various activities. They are made for sports, outdoor, work, military and everyday activities.

Thorlo walking socks protect your feet from shear and blistering. Everyday walker socks feature a thin cushion and CoolMax construction to wick away moisture and keep your feet cooler. Price is about $16.

If you walk long distances, try the distance walking socks. They have a thick cushion for the heel and toes.

Running socks come in thick, moderate and thin cushion. The thick cushion provides more shear, blister and impact protection. The Thorlon construction helps to wick moisture away. The socks are available in crew, mini crew and micro mini crew length. Price is about $16.

The Experia socks with Merino wool/silk are designed for performance runners, hikers and fitness walkers. Cushioning is placed in the ball and heel. This fabric blend provides softness and durability and keeps your feet dryer. Price is about $25.

To avoid blisters it is important to get properly fitted with socks and shoes. Moisture on the feet can cause blistering, especially in sports and other activities.

Natural fibers like wool and cotton can lose their protective properties. Thorlo padded socks made from acrylic fibers and acrylic blends keep your feet from getting too wet.

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