Quality Wigwam Wool Socks

Wigwam wool socks are knit in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The company has been in business for over 100 years.

A great variety of styles is available for outdoors and sports. A sample of styles:
The Country Side Style is made of 44% Merino wool, 27% stretch nylon, 15% silk and 14% Revlon. These are soft crew socks with a cushiony sole. They can be worn for everyday comfort.

The Silver Wool Runner styles are low cut socks that are ideal for all season running. Material is a blend of Merino wool and stretch nylon.

The All Purpose Pro Quarter styles are quarter length socks that repel moisture and prevent blisters. They naturally eliminate odors. A cushiony sole makes them comfortable. Material is 49% wool blend with acrylic and nylon.

The Merino Comfort Hiker are soft and durable socks. Material is a blend of Merino wool and stretch nylon. The socks won't shrink or itch.

The Women's Blossom are low cut socks that are soft and provide odor control. They have a cushioned sole and a seamless toe closure. Material is blend of polyester, nylon and cotton.

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