Timex Heart Rate Monitors can improve your Fitness Condition

Timex heart rate monitors incorporate the latest technology to provide an easy and accurate measure of your heart rate. Timex offers digital monitors that will help improve your fitness condition, increase endurance and help you lose weight.

The Personal monitor costs about $50. It has these features:
1. It tracks your heart rate continuously.
2. It has a large display, which is easy to read.
3. The elapsed workout time is automatically recorded.
4. It can recall your exercise time, average, high and minimum heart rate.
5. The chest sensor is comfortable and lightweight.
6. It is water resistant up to 30 meters.

The Digital model costs about $70. It interfaces with the Timex data recorder. The recorder collects your workout data, which you can later upload to your computer. The data recorder costs about $75.

The monitor is water resistant up to 50 meters. It has alarm features and a 2 year warranty. It allows you to preset your heart rate zone. It also shows calories burned. The digital transmission provides clear signals.

The Timex Bodylink Speed and Distance System is made of three pieces: a watch, a heart rate strap and GPS receiver that is connected by a radio signal. The heart rate signal is digital and will not be affected by other heart monitors.

The Timex Data Recorder collects data from your digital monitor system. This data can later be downloaded to your computer. Total package price for the watch, GPS, heart strap and datalink software is about $300.

The Times Easy Trainer costs about $50. It has these features:
1. Large digital display
2. Automatic activity timer
3. Workout review
4. Includes the Timex personal heart rate sensor

The Health Touch heart rate monitor costs about $60. It displays accurate heart rate data. When you touch the stainless steel bezel the current heart rate and % of maximum heart rate is displayed. No chest strap s required.

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