Improve your Workout
with Total Gym Accessories

Total Gym accessories are designed to be used with Total Gym equipment. They add a variety of exercises to your workout.

The Cyclo Trainer is great for cycling workouts. It is easy to set up and use. Sales price is about $350.

The unit provides an effective cardio and strength training exercise. Just lay back and cycle with the glide board anchored at the bottom of the rails.

Features include adjustable pedal straps and a digital monitor display for time, speed, distance and resistance level. It comes with a DVD that has 3 work along programs.

The AbCrunch helps you firm and tone your abdomen. You can do 10 different exercises. Sales price is about $95.

Dip bars cost about $95. These are two bars that can be attached in minutes using a simple locking pin. You can exercise your pectorals, shoulders, chest and triceps.

A weight bar costs about $40. It is a sturdy chrome bar that slides through the glide board. You can add more free weight to help build more muscle.

Press up bars cost about $95. They are designed to accommodate military style press exercises with a wide or narrow grip. You can build and strengthen your upper back, chest, triceps and shoulders.

A durable stability mat provides extra stability when using your Total Gym. Buy two and place one on each end of the gym to prevent slippage. Price is about $15 for one.

A padded squat stand costs about $30. It allows you to slim and tone your legs. Extra padding makes it easy on your joints.

A wing attachment can be attached to either the top or bottom rails for upper and lower body exercises. Price is about $35.

A Pilates kit costs about $90. It includes a DVD, Pilates toe bar, a 24" leg extension rope and 2 ankle cuffs.

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