Tunturi Rowing Machines
provide excellent aerobic Exercise

Tunturi rowing machines are manufactured by Tunturi of Finland. The company is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in Finland and markets fitness equipment worldwide.

Rowing exercises benefit all major muscles. Muscles in the neck and shoulders get a good workout.

The R60 model is an efficient aerobic machine. The console has preset training programs and a heart rate control. The machine has a sturdy frame, a soft seat and flexible foot rests. It can be folded for easy storage. The console displays profiles, time, calories consumed, strokes per minute, heart rate, distance, humidity and room temperature. Price is about $1300-2000.

The R25 model has a magnetic resistance system that provides effective aerobic training. The easy to use console shows readings in large numbers. It has a double rail structure and the soft seat moves smoothly and quietly. The console tracks time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, strokes per minute, humidity and room temperature. Price is about $900-1100.

The R35 is a very stable rower that offers an effective workout. It has a manually adjustable resistance system and a wide comfortable seat. The frame has twin rails, which makes a durable machine.

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