Weider Weight Benches

Weider weight benches are a multi position models. They conveniently adjust to multiple angles, ranging from incline to flat to decline.

The Weider Pro 225 L Bench costs about $80-100 plus about $20 shipping cost.
The bench features a 90 degree seat adjustment. The 4 roll leg lockdown adds stability. Durable, sewn vinyl seats add comfort to your training. The bench is ideal for dumbbell exercises. Included is a step by step exercise chart that will help you in your workouts.

The Weider Club Sidekick is a weight bench that features two 50 lb dumbbells and an adjustable weight stand. It is excellent for weight training. Price is about $550.

The backrest is adjustable to incline, flat or decline. The seat is adjustable and completely removable. A step by step exercise chart is included.

The two hand weights are the equivalent of several pairs of dumbbells. Simply move the knob to your desired weight setting. You can choose between 5 lbs to 50 lbs on each handset. This allows you to perform many different exercises.

The height and width of the weight stand are adjustable to your desired position. The weights are always comfortable to use.

The sidekick is a space efficient strength training system. You have all the weights you need in one set. You can build fat burning muscles fast.

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