Improve your Health with a
Weight Training Program

A weight training program can help improve and maintain your health. There are many benefits that weight training provides:

  • Increases strength, endurance, builds and tones muscles.
  • Improves the cardiovascular system.
  • Helps to maintain or reduce your weight.
  • Increases coordination and balance.
  • Helps make you feel good about yourself and makes you more confident.

If you want to set up a weight room in your home, you can choose from these popular items:

  1. Free weights are less expensive than weight machines, but still provide many strength building exercises.
  2. Dumbbells are an easy option to start your exercises. They come in a variety of styles, weights and prices.
  3. Weight benches are popular and widely used.
  4. Weightlifting gloves become more important as you advance with your program.
  5. Wrist and ankle weights will increase your arm and leg strength.
  6. A weight belt can reduce injuries when lifting heavy weights.

When you set up a program, you need to establish a goal. A goal can be strength training, muscle building or performance improvement in the sport you are active in. If you are just starting out, check with your doctor first.

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