Weighted Walking Shoes
can increase the Risk of Injury

In general it is not a good idea to use weighted walking shoes. Weighted shoes or ankle weights might increase the risk of strain or injury.

You can burn more calories by walking a longer distance or by walking faster. If you want to use walking weights for toning, use light ankle weights.

There are shoe weights available that strap around the top of your sneakers. A heavy duty rubber strap wraps around the top of the shoes. The wrap has pockets to hold weights, usually 2 or 3 half pound soft weights. Price for the wrap with weights is about $30.

There are also shoes available with large, heavy soles. Price for these shoes is about $80. But they are not recommended for general walking.

You can use use walking poles that will tone your upper body and help burn calories. Walking poles are safer than using weighted shoes. The poles decrease the strain on your ankles and knees. Price for walking poles is about $20-50 for a pair.

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