Improve your Workout
with Weightlifting Gloves

When lifting free weights, especially heavy weights, a pair of weightlifting gloves can keep your hands healthy. They can prevent blistering and other injuries. They can also give you a better grip.

Gloves improve your training, because they not only provide protection for your hands, but also hold the bar safely in place during lifting. They allow you to lift longer and more comfortably.

There are many styles and models available. Price range is about $15-65. Gloves can be used not only for weightlifting, but also for other types of workouts.

Harbinger gloves are well known. They are available for men and women. Features to look for:
1. Palms should have non slip rubber cushioning.
2. Curved finger designs provide a comfortable fit.
3. They should remain comfortable even after repeated washing.
4. An adjustable wrist closure will make them fit more snugly.

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