Accurate Yamax Pedometers

The Yamax pedometers are highly ranked models. They are very accurate and are easy to use. All models have a digital display, hinged protective cover and a safety strap.

The Digi-Walker SW-200 features a large, easy to read display and easy to operate buttons. A hinged cover is provided to protect against rain and dust. Steps are counted for walking and jogging up to 100,000 steps. Price is about $20.

The model CW-701 accurately counts your steps while walking, jogging or hiking. Price is about $30. Features include:
1. Activity time
2. Distance traveled
3. Calories burned
4. Two week cumulative memory for steps, activity time, distance and calories
5. Clock

The Yamax Digi-Walker CW300 costs about $40. It has a dual display that shows steps, activity time and clock functions. The unit comes with a pedometer safety strap.

The Yamax Power Walker EX-510 costs about $35-45. The device can store up to 30 days of memory and 30 weeks of accumulated weekly data. Functions stored are number of steps taken, calories, distance walked and activity time.

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