Adidas Heart Rate Monitor
helps control your Training

An Adidas heart rate monitor helps achieve your workout goals. The miCoach Zone model provides these benefits:
1. It accurately measures your heart rate.
2. Color zones guide your training for the best results.
3. The workout timer keeps you informed of your training time.
4. It displays calories burned and the heart rate.

The miCoach Zone includes a chest strap, a heart rate monitor and a wrist component that communicates wireless with the heart rate monitor. The wrist component calculates your target training zones. Regular price is about $70.

The miCoach Pacer combines the pacer device, stride sensor and heart rate monitor to give you a complete picture of your run.
Features include:
1. It works by itself or with your current mp3 player so you can listen to your music and receive audible coaching at the same time.
2. The monitor tracks pace, distance, heart rate and calories burned.
3. You can upload your stats to where you can set goals, create training plans, track progress and get professional coaching feedback.

The bundle comes complete with miCoach Pacer, miCoach Speed & Distance monitor, miCoach Performance monitor and a chest strap. Regular price is about $140.

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