Nike Heart Rate Monitors
will help in your Workouts

Nike heart rate monitors include wrist type models.

The Imara Women's monitor costs about $100. It is designed for a women's wrist. Features include:
1. Calorie counter records calories burned
2. Alarm alerts you when you are out of the target zone
3. Shows heart rate per minute or as a percentage of maximum heart rate
4. Maintains exercise time, time in target zone and calories for last workout
5. Other functions include time, date, two time zones and alarm
6. Sturdy watch resistant glass crystal and stainless steel body
7. Easy to use one touch backlight
8. Water resistant up to 50 meters

The Nike Triax C5 heart rate monitor is stylish, comfortable and easy to use. It comes with an ergonomic chest strap transmitter.

The s-shaped design makes the watch curve smoothly around your wrist. The monitor allows you to program your target heart rate zone, which makes it easy to customize your workout.

Other features include:

1. Time and date display
2. Screen is made of scratch resistant mineral glass
3. One touch backligthing
4. Alarm
5. Watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and the chest transmitter up to 30 meters

The watch is not only practical for athletes, but can also be used by people who have to monitor their health. It is very dependable and affordable.

The Nike Triax Speed Super 100 Sports Watch costs about $60-85. It has many features:
1. 100 lap chronograph keeps splits while running or training
2. Five interval timers for walk, run programs and interval training
3. Target time compares goal time with actual time
4. Convertible display lets you select large view of lap time, total time or both
5. Ability to recall timing, lap memory, best lap, average lap and target time
6. Two time zones, two alarms
7. Mineral glass crystal is scratch resistant
8. Water resistant up to 100 meters
9. Two year warranty

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