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Some of the best exercise videos for cardio and aerobic exercise are the popular Tae Bo workout videos by Billy Blanks. Price range is about $15-40.

The workouts consist of boxing punches and martial art kicks. Tae Bo is fun and easy, because the movements are introduced and shown how to complete before the workout. Once you know the movements then you move to the workout basics. Each workout lesson includes a warm up and cool down period. Tae Bo is a good aerobic exercise and also great for relieving stress.

Some of Denise Austin's exercise videos are:
1. Burn Fat Fast costs about $10-15. The video includes a 5 minute warm up routine, a 20 minute dance exercise, a 20 minute strength portion and a 5 minute cool down period. The strength portion includes the use of hand weights.
2. Blast Away the Pounds is an indoor walk video. Price is about $15.
3. Hit the Spot costs about $15.

Kathy Smith Timesaver video consists of two discs. Price is $10-15. Each set of exercises is 20 minutes long. Other videos by Kathy Smith: Super Slimdown Circuit and Functionally Fit, which cost about $15 each.

Leslie Sansone videos:
1. Walk Away the Pounds costs about $30. It is suited for beginners and intermediate level exercisers.
2. Walk Diet is suited for beginners. It costs about $20.

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