The Beverly Hills Diet
Plan is unbalanced

The Beverly Hills diet plan recommends eating only fruits for the first few days and to never mix protein with carbohydrates. This way, the diet maintains, the food is properly digested and if you eat food separately, you will also lose weight.

The diet relies on specific reactions to fruits. For example, papaya will soften fat. Water melon is suppose to flush the digestive system and clean your body.

You will lose 10-15 pounds in 35 days. The first 10 days you are allowed only fruit. On the 11th through day 18th day, carbohydrates like bread and butter can be added. On the 19th day, protein like steak can be added.

The plan is very difficult to follow. Most people can't live only on fruit for several days. It is unhealthy, because it is low on several essential vitamins.

In general, the diet is unbalanced and not good for the long term.

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