The Weight Watchers Diet Plan
provides Support through Meetings

The Weight Watchers diet plan is one of the most popular worldwide weight loss programs. For about the last 40 years it has helped dieters lose weight.

The program is based on calorie reduction using its special point system. There are no restrictions on food, but a daily number of points must be observed.

Most dieters attend weekly meetings, where ideas are exchanged and support is given by the class organizers.

No weight loss is set, but a loss of 2 lbs a week is the maximum, otherwise any loss will be gained back.

For dieters that cannot attend weekly meetings, there is an at home online program. The cost for the online program is about $45/month, while the cost for a weekly meeting is about $10-15.

The program does not exclude any foods, but points allowed must be observed. Dieters must calculate the points of various foods, which usually is done using the Weight Watchers food list and points calculator.

The diet is nutritionally balanced and has an excellent track record.

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