Improve your Workouts with a
Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

A blood pressure heart rate monitor can improve your workouts.

The NatureSpirit blood pressure and heart rate monitor provides accurate measurements. The large display shows systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse readings. Date and time are also indicated. Price is about $40.

The Omron automatic wrist blood pressure monitors are easy to use. They provide accurate systolic/diastolic and pulse readings. They also give irregular heartbeat detection and average of the last three blood pressure readings. Price is about $90.

The Omron model with PC software costs about $95.

The LifeSource UB-512 dual memory wrist blood pressure monitor for two or more people costs about $90. It is a small, compact and lightweight unit. Each start button of the two buttons stores 30 measurements for a total of 60 readings. It has an average reading feature and an irregular heartbeat feature. An accurate blood pressure and pulse is provided even when an irregular heartbeat occurs.

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