Get a complete
Body Workout with Total Gym

Total Gym is the leading exercise equipment supplier for rehabilitation, conditioning and sports training. It is used by over 7000 hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and health & fitness centers.

There are excellent Total gym models available for home exercise that work all major muscle groups with a variety of exercises. You will lose weight, tone or build muscle and increase strength.

The Total Gym 2000 is easy to set up. You get a total body workout in 15-20 minutes. Price is about $600.

There is no assembly and no tools are required. Just pull the gym out of the box and have it set up in minutes. When you are done with your workout, fold it flat against a wall, in a closet or under a bed. It is a perfect home exercise machine.

The gym comes with the easy to follow Start It Up! DVD. It does not include any add on accessories. It features a 250 lb weight capacity and over 40 exercises.

The unit is very convenient and saves you money. You don't have to go to a fitness center. You can use it whenever you want to. Plus, you can watch television and listen to music.

The Total Gym 3000 is a mid-range home model that features a 300 lb weight capacity, essential accessories and beneficial workouts. Other features include steel handles, chrome upper rails and over 60 exercises. Price is about $850.

Accessories include a squat stand and wing attachment. You also receive some fundamental workouts and workout tools that are easy to follow. Tools include:
1 Start It Up DVD
2. 12 work along workouts for men and women.
3. Exercise wall chart that shows 35 exercises

The gym provides many benefits:
1. It is convenient. Set up the gym in minutes and a 15-20 minute workout will get you in shape.
2. It is safe to use for any age from 8-80 years. The whole family can use it.
3. You can easily change your workouts from cardio, strength or stretching with very little adjustment.
4. Exercises on the gym improve your health and make you feel and look good.
5. You can use the machine for Pilates and reformer work.

It is easy to get fit and stay in shape with the Total Gym XLS home gym. It comes with accessories to help in your workouts. Accessories include a leg pull and a Pilates kit. Price is about $1000.

The XLS includes these features:
1. 400 lb weight capacity
2. Flexible nylon strap handles
3. Padded glide board with head support
4. Dimensions unfolded: 19" W x 90" L x 43" H
   Dimensions folded: 19' W x 51" L x 9" H

Also included is this complete line of workouts and workout tools:
1. Start It UP! - Your first Total Gym workout!
2. 6-8 minute workout
3. Smart training workout
4. Pilates for Total Gym
5. Exercise poster, which shows 35 exercises
6. Total Gym training deck that includes over 80 exercises
7. Dan Isaacson's nutritional program & meal plan

These home gyms will help improve your performance and quality of life. The equipment is safe for the whole family.

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