Unique Bodylastics Gym

The Bodylastics gym is a unique system that uses resistance bands. Parts that make up the system:
1. Elastic tubing (resistance bands) is the most important part of any Bodylastics set. At each end of the tubes aluminum clips are attached.

2. Two handles are included. They are made with hard plastic and have a soft foam cover.

3. Two padded ankle straps are about 8 inches wide and have Velcro to keep them closed.

4. A door anchor that will not harm your door. The bands can be attached to the top, side and bottom of the door.

5. A 76 page guide with over 126 exercises. Each exercise has detailed and easy to understand instruction.

6. A storage bag that holds the complete system.

7. For some sets, a training DVD is included. You can also buy a muscle workout DVD set for about $25. The set includes 6 DVDs. A larger set, which includes 18 DVDs costs about $40.

There are about 7 different Bodylastics sets available. Price range is about $50-130. The basic set costs about $50.

The system is easy on the joints and affordable. It is easy to use and very quiet. You can take it along when you travel.

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