Indo Balance Board Trainers
help develop Balance and increased Leg Strength

The Indo balance board trainers are simple devices. You only need a few basic instructions to get started. The Indo Board website states that the learning curve is 10-15 minutes.

Indo boards have a large surface area to add stability. To get started, a partner can help by standing in front of you and holding your hands for support.

To start it is best to use the board on a carpet. As you get experience, you can use the board on bare floors. As a beginner, practice close to a wall. It is recommended to use wrist guards, a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

The Indo Board Original Includes the deck, roller and a demo DVD. Price is about $135. You will have fun using the board and you will exercise your core muscles at the same time.

The more advanced model is the Indo Board Pro, which costs about $200. It is designed for tall riders.

The Indo board helps to develop balance, coordination and increased leg strength. It can be used as a training tool for a variety of sports.

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