Improve your Coordination
with a Valeo Balance Board

The Valeo balance board is a lightweight, versatile device with a non skid base. It allows you to strengthen your core muscles, ankles, knees and hips. Use the board only on a level surface.

To keep your exercise and balance training interested, use a variety of exercises and other balance board styles. Valeo offers an extensive line of both fitness and workplace safety accessories.

Balance boards help you develop coordination. They are also excellent for rehabilitation and training of young athletes. A young athlete with good balance and coordination will be more successful in most sports.

To keep your exercise or training interesting, change the exercises frequently. If you don't, you might get bored and stop using the balance board.

The Valeo Tri-Level balance board consists of a 14" diameter, durable plastic board and a height adjustment cup, which attaches easily to the bottom of the board. The textured surface prevents slipping. Price is about $20-25.

Valeo has an extensive line of fitness accessories including lifting gloves, body balls and jump ropes. Each product can be used at home or at the gym.

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