Leki Nordic Walking Poles can help achieve your Fitness Goal

Leki Nordic walking poles can help achieve your fitness goal. The poles are made with the same quality materials as the ski and trekking poles. The Leki website claims that you can burn about 40% more calories walking with poles than walking without poles.

Leki sells both adjustable and fixed length poles. The locking system on the adjustable poles is the same locking system used on the trekking poles. Fully adjustable poles are recommended for beginners and for use on different terrain.

All Nordic walking poles feature:
1. Aircraft grade aluminum and high modulus carbon.
2. Adjustable/releasable trigger strap, which lets you click in and out of the grip easily.
3. Adjustable super lock system, which lets you adjust the length of the poles.
4. Rubber fitness tips, which allows you to push off more efficiently.

A large variety of walking poles is available. The fully adjustable models range in price from about $70-200 for a pair. Partially adjustable poles cost about $200 for a pair. Fixed length poles cost about $75-150 for a pair.

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