Stylish and quality designed
Sigma Heart Rate Monitors

Sigma heart rate monitors help you achieve your workout goals. Sigma offers a variety of styles and colors with good features. Some models look like fashionable watches. They are quality designed and constructed to withstand heavy workouts.

Monitors come in two major categories: 1. Onyx 2. Topline

1. Onyx models are digital coded wrist watch monitors with good features. Price is about $110.

The Onyx Balance is simple to use and has a sleek design. It has an easy to read display with large figures, programmable training zones and a calorie counter. It is water resistant.

The Onyx Easy is a simple, precise and digital coded model. The watch is equipped with basic functions. It has a memory function for detailed weekly and monthly training analysis.

c. The Onyx Pro provides detailed analysis for professional and serious trainers. Features include 7 memory locations, a lap counter, preset endurance and interval training ranges.

2. Topline models are high quality monitors from entry to professional level. Price is about $40-80.

The PC 3 is an inexpensive model that costs about $40-50. It features an attractive design and a clear display. It is an entry level heart rate monitor. It can also be used as a stopwatch. The excellent design entices users to continue wearing the watch even after the workout.

The PC 9 features a training manager for optimum monitoring. A special feature is the Zone Indicator, which shows whether you are exercising within the ideal training zone. It comes in five languages. Price is about $60-70.

Sigma monitors have all the features you need for successful workouts. You will know if you are reaching your target heart rate and other indicators like lab counts, endurance and time functions.

Sigma Sport tests all products in their in house laboratories to ensure quality. All Sigma products are CE approved. The CE mark is a conformity mark for products placed in the European market.

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