The Slim Fast Diet Plan
is an easy Plan to follow

The Slim Fast diet plan consists of shakes, snack bars and one sensible food meal a day, totaling about 1200 calories.

There are 4 keys to the diet:

  1. A personalized and balanced diet.
    It allows to mix your favorite foods with Slim Fast products.
  2. Activities based on your abilities.
    Physical activities are important for success of weight loss and weight maintenance. Walking, working in the yard or going to a gym, all are beneficial.
  3. 24 hr support for meal and fitness planning.
  4. Tools for tracking progress. The Slim Fast success tracker keeps track of the weight, food intake and physical activity. Monitoring lets you see the progress and results achieved. It will encourage you to stick to the diet.

The goal of the diet is to avoid high fat and high calorie foods. The shakes and bars contain added vitamins and minerals, but are high on sugars.

The Slim Fast plan suggests a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and for lunch. For dinner sensible real food is recommended. Slim Fast bars are available for snacks.

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