Lose Weight with
the South Beach Diet Plan

The South Beach diet plan is a low carb diet, similar to the Atkins diet. It was introduced by Dr. Agatston from Florida. The main difference between these two diets is that the South Beach diet keeps saturated fat down and focuses more on healthy fats like fish fat. Consequently, the calorie intake is lower. It should also lower the cholesterol levels.

The plan consists of three levels:

For two weeks the meals consist of normal sized portions of lean meat and seafood, eggs, cheese, nonfat yogurt and lots of vegetables. Snacks twice a day and diet soda are allowed. It eliminates carbohydrates like bread, candy, cake, sugar and also alcohol.

Some of the foods eliminated during the first two weeks are slowly added back. In limited amounts, whole grain bread, cereal, potatoes, wine and chocolate are put back into the diet. This phase lasts until the weight loss goal has been achieved. There is no set time limit. The phase could last one year.

Phase 3
Once the target level has been achieved, a maintenance level is started. During this phase more food items are added to the daily meals. Meals consist of regular foods in regular portions properly balanced to maintain the achieved weight.

For more detail on the South Beach diet, review the book by Dr. Agatston "The delicious, doctor designed, foolproof plan for fast and healthy weight loss."

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