A Stability Ball Chair
provides Back Support

A stability ball chair can prevent lower back problems. It provides back support as you sit in the chair.

The Gaiam balance ball chair costs about $75. It is designed for people between 5' to 5'11" tall. The chair was designed by leading fitness experts to help relieve lower back pain and promote proper sitting posture.

The chair uses the same balance ball as you use in your exercise routines. It has 2 locking back casters and 2 regular front casters. An air pump is included. The ball has a 300 pound weight capacity.

You can buy just a ball that will fit the chair. An anti burst ball costs about $30.

A deluxe ball chair costs about $100. It is a compact, lightweight model with a durable steel frame. It has rolling casters that allow you to move the chair anywhere.

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