Exercise for Stress Relief

Stress relief is important to maintain good health. Stress releases certain chemicals into your blood that make your blood pressure go up. It is important to find ways to reduce your stress.

Exercise, massage and therapy can reduce stress. Two exercise techniques are very popular at present: Pilates and Yoga. Also practiced often is aromatherapy.

Pilates consists of a series of exercises that involve your body and mind. Along with these exercises you learn to properly breathe. Together, exercise and proper breathing will provide good relief.

Yoga has been practiced for centuries in India. There are many types of Yoga, which involve doing stretching exercises. When practicing Yoga, you also perform breathing exercises. The combination of these two exercises will help reduce stress.

Aromatherapy is a smell therapy. The smell of some plants have different effects. Some plants will help you feel calmer and some will get you more excited. For example, the lavender plant will relax you and make you feel less stressed. The rosemary plant will give you energy.

As always, if you start an exercise program, check with your doctor first.

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