Swimming Exercise
for your Health and Enjoyment

Swimming exercise is a good aerobic exercise, especially if you are just starting a workout program. But it is not a good way to lose weight. You can lose weight swimming, you just won't lose weight as fast as with running or using a treadmill.

Swimming is an activity that benefits your health. It benefits young and old. It is a great recreational activity for the whole family.

If you have an injury to your leg or knee and can't put weight on your leg, then swimming can help you. Water aerobics can give you an excellent workout and help you make social contacts.

Swimming will increase your endurance, tone your muscles and help your heart. It can be used as a warm up session before a more rigorous out of the water workout. After an exercise on a treadmill or bicycle, it can help you cool down.

If you want to swim competitively, you should consider the following:

1. Set a realistic goal. Establish goals for each workout.
2. Set up a weekly training schedule.
3. If possible join a local swim club. It will get you into a routine and can also provide some social interaction.
4. Acquire the needed equipment like goggles, a waterproof wristwatch and a swim cap. Some pools have workout gear, like pull buoys, paddles and kick boards available that can benefit your swimming technique.

A swimming heart rate monitor is a water proof tool that can be used for swimming exercise. A monitor can improve the training for both competitive and recreational swimmers. It keeps track of your pulse during swimming exercise. Advanced models have features that can improve the performance of competitive training.

Before you start with swimming, especially competitive swimming, make sure you are in good health. You might want to check with your doctor.

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