Review of the
Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters diet maintains that sugar produces insulin, which stops people from losing weight. Therefore, too much sugar causes weight gain. The diet recommends that daily calorie intake is made up of 40% fat, 30% protein and 30% of carbohydrates.

Consumption of refined sugar in cakes and sweets is discouraged. It eliminates desserts from the daily menu and high starch foods, like potatoes, pasta and corn. It encourages foods like meat, fish and some fruits and vegetables.

Exercise and plenty consumption of water is recommended, which is true for most other diets.

Many argue that it is not clear, if insulin causes weight gain. The weight loss is probably due to eliminating the high calorie intake of sugar. In addition, the diet cuts out many nutrients that are necessary for good health. Potatoes and bread are healthy foods, while a high intake of proteins could lead to health problems.

For most people it is difficult to eliminate sweets. The plan is difficult to follow, because healthy foods like potatoes and bananas are banned. Before starting this diet, consult with your doctor.

It is unreasonable to believe that people will give up sugar, white flour, pasta and most bread in the long term. For weight loss and general fitness, it is much better to exercise daily. Activities like walking, cycling and playing tennis are popular.

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