Improve your Swimming with
Swimming Exercise Equipment

The right swimming exercise equipment can improve your swimming technique and performance. Some of the equipment is available at the pool.

Pull Buoys come in one solid piece or two piece types. The solid type is not adjustable. The two piece buoy is held together with a rope that can be adjusted to fit the individual swimmer's leg size.

Hand Paddles can increase speed and improve conditioning. They help to improve your swimming technique. Some paddles have holes in the paddle or are curved to reduce water resistance.

Kick boards come in several types: small, large, hard and flexible. Choose a type that is comfortable.

Swim Caps are stretchy head coverings made of silicone or latex. They are worn by recreational or competitive swimmers. The caps are used:
1. To keep the hair dry
2. Protect the hair from chlorinated water
3. To keep the hair out of your face while swimming
4. To reduce drag in the water, which is especially important for competitive swimmers

Latex caps are less expensive than silicone caps. They are more difficult to put on. Price is about $7.

Silicone caps are more durable than latex caps and have a more comfortable fit. They can be stretched to more than double their original size.

Speedo Silicone Caps sell for about $10.
They fit securely and snug to reduce drag. These are durable caps that can be stretched to more than double their original size. They feature a soft texture and can be quickly removed without snagging your hair.

TYR Silicone Caps cost about $10-15. A smooth silicone finish eliminates hair pulling and the cap is easy to put on and take off. They are great for recreational and competitive swimming.

Goggles come in various types and models. Sizes are available for children and adults in round or oval eye shapes. The glasses can be tinted, clear, prescription or anti fog.

Flippers and Fins are great for building strength and flexibility. They help you get a better body position in the water. The fins should fit snugly without squeezing the foot.

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