Treadmill Exercise Videos

Treadmill exercise videos by Tread Moves were developed by a team of certified instructors. The videos are designed to keep you motivated, while you get a good workout. You work all your muscles and burn more calories when you use these videos.

Tread Moves provides exercise routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers. You control the intensity of the workouts by changing the speed and incline. Price is about $20 each.

Video Stride videos provide workouts with scenic views from Switzerland and Hawaii. Each video is 1 hour long and contains two workouts. Price is about $20. If you buy two or more videos, the price is about $15.

Video Hiker series: Grand canyon, The Swiss Alps and Maui are scenic mountain videos, which are about 60 minutes long and have three different workouts. Price is about $20. The price for two or more is about $15 each.

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