Strength Training
with Weider Home Gyms

Weider home gyms are very popular. They provide excellent strength training. You will get a tight abdomen, firm legs, sculpted arms and a strong chest.

The Weider 2980 X Weight System costs about $200-300 plus About $110 shipping cost.
It features an 80 lb weight stack and up to 214 lbs of resistance. The high pulley will target your entire back with the full resistance of the weight system.

The low pulley offers several exercises that will strengthen and strengthen your leg and forearm muscles. The chest fly will develop your chest and shoulder muscles. The gym also has a 4 roller leg developer, a preacher pad and ankle straps with a handle.

The Weider Club 390 Tower offers up to 80 lbs of resistance with the included 15 lb and 25 lb resistance bands. Price is about $300-500 plus about $75 shipping cost.

Other features include a multi position push up station, step for vertical knee raise, durable sewn vinyl seats and a step by step exercise chart. The dip and pull up stations come with a fold away assist pad.

The Weider X Factor+ features a fold away vertical knee raise station and a fold away dip station. Price is about $220-300 plus about $85 shipping cost.

The 2 high & 2 low pulleys intensify your training with upper and lower body workouts. Other features include a multi grip pull up bar, 210 lbs of resistance and 2 bent arc uprights. The gym includes 2 handles that attach to the pulleys and 1 ankle strap.

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